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That one person who just can't seem to let others live their lives without putting in every little word they can. Just STOP!


Close your mouth - where’s your open mind? You don’t wanna consider, just wanna criticize
But expect me to agree with everything you like. Who told you the world is black and white?
Quick to judge and in no time at all, I have found myself quite appalled
Every bitter word is making me as good as gone. Your hang ups keep me from hanging on

I believe that we are allowed to our opinion
In that same regard, we should respect others’ differences
Throwing stones only breaks our own glass houses
Why should anybody be subject to such pettiness?

So what if I like Kanye West's music? I've got a right to my
personal preferences, yes I can think for myself. (Repeat)

Now let me see, let me psychoanalyze. Seems to me, your words are a way to hide
Insecurity, so you build up walls by denouncing those who don’t share your mind.
Such a shame, but doesn’t mean I’ll tolerate a behavior that can not appreciate
Independence. It’s okay to separate and follow my own path as long as I’m okay

Yes I know that this is a method of your self-defense
But that doesn’t mean others are subject to your burden
Especially when you only show your ignorance
Promise you’d live freer if you focus on your happiness.

Repeat Chorus

When will you ease up? Learn enough’s enough and see you’re pushing me away.
Weren’t like this at the start, not sure what took you so far, but I cannot commiserate.
Gave you chances at first to backpedal, but just got worse and I'm getting dragged down.
But I’m happy with who I am and I do not give a damn of your opinion, I’m standing my ground.


Repeat Chorus


from Social Set, released September 2, 2015
Bass - Noah Albright
Keyboard - Erin Demastes
Saxophone - Sage Rouge Newell
Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar - Kathryn Rose Wood
Drums - Joel Zobrist

Recorded & Engineered by Keenan McRae.
Mixed & Mastered by Ben Lorio.

Copyright Social Set Music 2014.



all rights reserved


Social Set New Orleans, Louisiana

Social Set does high-energy RnB to sway your hips and spoil your ear. Get musically acquainted with the most social of sets!

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