by Social Set

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released January 31, 2013

Emmanuel Catanzariti (keyboards)
Brian Flesicher (drums)
Will Hagan (bass)
Sage Newell (saxophone)
Kathryn Rose Wood (vocals/guitar/songwriting).

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Ben Lorio for Music Shed Recording Studios, New Orleans, LA, September 2012.
Mastered by David Farrell, December 2012.



all rights reserved


Social Set New Orleans, Louisiana

Social Set does high-energy RnB to sway your hips and spoil your ear. Get musically acquainted with the most social of sets!

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Track Name: Ridiculous
Flat tire on the way to work, I showed up late, looked like a jerk.
Boss said I'm workin' on his nerves.
It's been a long week with too much to do, Lord knows I've barely made it through.
I need a release, for true.

Music grooves, my friends have arrived. All that mess will be long gone tonight.
Bottle of drank for the pre-game, one more round and we're on our way.

It's all right to be wrong, trying out the unknown, acting foolishly
'Cause you can't buy back time, so get yours, I'll get mine and live how you want to be.
I won't miss my chance to let loose and dance, you can call be belligerent..
But we've all got regrets so make tonight the best yet. My friend, let's get... ridiculous.

I am headed out to the party, slipped and fell, busted my knee
A bit too much Bacardi.
But I see a lovely passerby who smiles, winks, gives me the eye so
everything will be fine.

Dressed our best, confident, we've got plans, no sight of end.
And there's always Snakes, and Ms. Mae's, so one more round and we're on our way.


Watch the sunrise from the bar's front porch
Go to bed, sleep in 'til 4
Wake up only to sleep some more.
This is what I've been livin' for.

Track Name: Voodoo
I'm drawn to you, have gotten so lovestruck.
Gonna keep up, I don't easily give up.
I'll make you want me, more than I want you.
Won't know what hit ya, my own kinda voodoo.
The voodoo, that I'll do, like you do, to me.

I ain't slept in days, you left your mark on my brain.
Can't follow my thoughts, I wish you'd show me, show me the way.
I need to get some peace but this vivid memory of your smile and sway
Just won't let me, just won't let me, just won't let me be.


I'm so very charmed, fallen to your energy.
Can't explain how you could dumbfound, dumbfound me.
You're so smooth, so calm, I cannot avoid
Admitting that I need you, need you, boy.
So quit playing, quit playing, quit playing coy.

Track Name: Lay Me Down
If absence makes the heart grow fonder, I’m so gone for ya, in love.
When I go to sleep every night you are all I dream of.

Your eyes, your voice, your mouth, your hands, the feel of your skin./
Forget sleeping, let my reality begin.

Lay me down. Make me found. How else can I say, take my night, take my day? I want you around.
Damn this distance. I know what you're missin'. I'm on the next flight, it's time we make this right, when I touch the ground...lay me down.

Call me crazy, baby, but I know that's what you like.
The phone don't do no justice. It's time that we reunite.

Don't be too shy, know that you can't deny that you're feeling the strain.
When I get to you baby, let me calm your ache.


No such thing as too much, no, I can't get enough.
Need you down to my core.
When I get to you baby, will open your door?

Track Name: Glad I Got Eyes
You walk towards me and I lose all my dignity,
Got me begging for your touch.
I wish I may, I wish I might have this kiss tonight
'Cause one is never enough.

Words cannot describe what it's like to visualize
Someone so fine, and...

Baby, you make me glad I got eyes.
Every look, every move, it's alright.
I ain't vain but it'd be such a shame to go blind,
'Cause baby you make me glad I got eyes.

Let me be your confidant, your best friend, your number one.
Make me a part
Of your joys, of your tears, of your weeks, of your years,
'Cause my heart is your heart.

Words cannot describe how my soul comes alive
Whenever you walk by


I'm wrapped up in wonderfulness. You got me, made my life a mess.
I've been put under such stress from all your loveliness.

Track Name: Celebrate
The family is here and our friends are back in town.
There's no time to worry, pick yourself up off the ground
'Cause life is precious and we will use every minute,
Enjoying the good, the bad, and smiling with the moment.

Celebrate, come one, come all, the party has arrived - can't you hear the rhythm call?
Even though we might fall, embrace the mistakes - hell yeah, just show 'em off!
Say hell yeah, show 'em off - hell yeah, come on, y'all.

Truth is we've all been there before - knocked down, dragged out, broken and unsure.
Best you can do is rise to meet the day, strive for what you want in life and shine your own way.


So we dance and play 'til morning breaks. When the sun sets, it's time to wake.
No regrets, we just can't wait to spread the word, that it's time to celebrate.